Is Adriana Lima Taking Special Diet Too Far? Model Brings Own Salad to Restaurant

While every model has to look after themselves to a certain extent, we think Adriana Lima may have gone too far with this one. Adriana recently headed to a photo call in Miami to promote the latest 'Very Sexy' Victoria's Secret lingerie line, and after the appearance, went with those involved for a lunch to celebrate. Adriana and the rest of the VS crew turned up at Asia de Cuba in Miami’s Mondrian South Beach for lunch, but Adriana didn't want to eat off the menu.

Instead, the Brazilian beauty asked staff if it would be ok for her to eat her own salad, revealing that she is on a special diet. Adriana was allowed to eat her own food, and was seen eating a salad with spinach, bell peppers, chicken and an oil-free dressing.

A source at the restaurant commented on the incident, stating that Adriana: “politely asked staff if it was OK for her to eat her own food as she is following a special diet.” Has she gone too far? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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