Miranda Kerr Bought Orlando Bloom Silk Boxers to Get "Into Character"

Miranda Kerr has said that she bought her husband Orlando Bloom a pair of silk boxers to help him get into character for his upcoming role in The Three Musketeers: 
"Well he had to get into character so I bought him these silk boxer shorts and it kind of helped."
Miranda also says that her baby son Flynn is already showing his love for music - he dances every time he hears hip-hop:
"He loves hip-hop. When I had him in my stomach, I'd play music and sometimes I'd put on hip-hop and dance around. So now, I put hip-hop on and he shakes his head - pretty funny."
She says that when she tries to cover him up so he doesn't have his photo taken, he pops out and says hi:
 "[During an outing], I was pulling the scarf over to cover him from the paparazzi, and he was pulling it down, like, 'Hey guys! Here I am.' "
Miranda also jokes that since her natural childbirth, she has a much higher pain threshold:
"I was so determined to have a natural childbirth. Now I can much more easily handle a paper cut."


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