Is Candice Swanepoel Anorexic After Dramatic Weight Loss?

At a recent Victoria's Secret event, it was clear that South African Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel has lost a lot of weight. The once curvaceous model appeared much thinner than usual as she posed alongside fellow VS Angels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. Since the photos have hit the web, many have speculated that the model may suffer from an eating disorder, and simply doesn't look healthy with such a tiny frame. Some sources even say that the model could lose her job at Victoria's Secret because of her weight loss, because the lingerie company has a history of using only models with healthy curves. 

During Paris  Fashion Week, Candice was a regular fixture, and perhaps the move to high fashion has impacted negatively on her weight, with constant pressure to size down being put on models, especially in the lead up to fashion week. Replying to the claims, Candice comments that she lost the weight due to stress and traveling, but says she is healthy: 'I am healthy and happy. I've been traveling around like crazy, I get skinnier if I'm very busy.' Check out the before and after photos after the cut and decide for yourself.



After (at recent VS event)


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  1. It was definitely a shocking amount of weight loss! She still looks beautiful facially - but she is definitely a lot more radiant looking at a higher weight. This was a while ago though; she is now healthy and expecting her first child!