Lara Stone Loves Nudity, Wants Gay Sons

VS model Lara Stone recently graced the cover of Vogue UK's November issue, and she also sat down with the magazine for a revealing interview. Lara talked about her recent marriage, her career and her future. Here is some snippets from the interview, courtesy of - read the story in full in the most recent issue of Vogue UK: 

On nakedness: “Interviews make me so nervous — I can’t get a sentence out of my mouth. Nudity, I take as part of the job — you get used to it. And I really don’t mind being naked.”

On being sober: “It’s been nearly a year and a half now. I was only 25. And I’m really glad I did it then rather than later, when you have a whole family and you can just ruin so much of your life. My life is so much better. My work, my relationships, my family. Before I was really, really angry about things. I’d be on the phone to my agent screaming and shouting and crying and… everything was panicky.”

On semantics: “The word supermodel makes me think of all the proper supermodels in the Nineties, not about me. They’re the only supermodels — I feel so… unworthy, almost, of that name.”

On her personal style: “I always like to keep it simple. I’m not a stylist, I don’t know which belt goes with which little outfit.”

On her new contract: “Calvin Klein has such an amazing history, and I think the pictures we did are so different from what I normally do. Those contracts don’t come around often. It’s great. It takes away the worry of, am I going to get another job? Is someone going to hire me this season? It settles that.”

On fame: “I don’t think people on the street recognize me ever, and I like that. If I wanted to be recognized every five minutes, I’d hire a publicist.”

On having kids:
“Not yet, but I would love to have children some day. I’d like little gay boys. That would be good. I’m terrified of having a little girl. Girls are more evil than boys. And then they have boyfriends.”


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