7 Reasons to Love Tilda Lindstam

Swedish top model Tilda Lindstam has an incredibly personality. Her instagram account has become so famous thanks to her amazing sense of humour and it also shows the real side of the modelling. Take a look at the reasons why Tilda deserves your attention!

Models Who've Shared Their Opinions on Healthy Body Image

Not letting anyone influence how they feel about themselves, these models have decided to embrace their figures and won't let haters drag them down. Check out what they've said about their own body images after the cut!


Cara Delevingne Self Harmed to Get Away From Mother's Drug Addiction

British model Cara Delevingne has revealed that she used to self harm to escape her mother Pandora's addiction to heroin. She explained in a new interview that she would often scratch herself until she bled and was extremely depressed.

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